We are deploying our business with “project management”, “property consulting”, “property development” and “brokerage” as our four pillar businesses by taking advantages of the knowledge and skills we accumulated from real estate development. To be the best partner for our clients, we, professionals who have experienced with a variety of properties, would like to work consistently on any strategic schemes from start to end with rich imagination and passion.

As your best business partner, we suggest you the best solution based on all of our accumulated knowledge. In our project management, we consider how to maximize the profit from the perspective of our clients and derive solutions to that end while listening actively to the voice of the stakeholders. We try to maximize the value of the project as a whole by looking down on the entire project.

We make the best suggestion against various challenges to our clients from the comprehensive point of view by leveraging the experience and knowledge we have accumulated. We provide consulting services on:
・Brokerage, leasing, and management of general real estate properties
・Effective use of real estate properties
・The higher profits, brokerage and sales for income properties
・Mortgage loan, short sales, etc. for collateral real estate properties
・The use of real estate properties, etc.

In our property development business, we try to put what will best fit to the land into shape by applying all of our know-how’s, imagination, faculty and planning skills we have acquired so far so that we can best use various characteristics the property has based on our thorough and elaborate market analysis.
Our goal is revitalization of local cities through real estate development that fits to the region, which not only includes development of homes, hotels, offices, complex facilities, etc., but also includes renovation, conversion and reselling of properties.

We provide the comprehensive real estate service, including real estate brokerage, rental agency, and lease property management. With our ability to collect information and our readiness utilizing the extensive network, we’ll work with our clients as the mediator to make the best suggestion satisfying a variety of their needs in the areas that could range from office buildings and other real estate development properties to beneficiary rights and other financial products.

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