Our company name of Lectio Design is derived from the Latin word “LECTIO” which has the meaning of “listening in peace” or “reading”. There is also another Latin word “resurrectio” which means “resurrection” or “resuscitation”.

Our company was founded in May 2010, which is after the economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008. We have listened actively to possible values in real estate properties in the stagnating real estate market as well as economy in Japan so that we can contribute to the resurgence or recovery of the domestic economy to the best of our poor ability.

Land doesn’t move. But what is inside the building built on the land changes as the time goes by.
Our goal is to “listen to”, “read” and “resurrect” these changes, and respond to the various needs of our clients by applying all of our rich imagination and ability to design solid solutions on the trustworthy relationship with associated parties.

Thank you for considering us for your solution to various challenges.

August 2013
Kazushige Ohura
CEO of Lectio Design Co., Ltd.

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