1.Basic principle
We comply with our internal “Personal Information Protection Regulations” which was set forth based on the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and the “Financial Instruments and Exchange Act” to acquire and use the personal information properly, and protect our clients’ personal information by maintaining it safely to the latest state or securely destroying it. The privacy policy will be reviewed as needed to ensure that it properly handles our clients’ personal information for the continuous improvement.

2. Organizational activities
(1) We adhere to the laws and regulations pertaining to protection of personal information. (2) We establish the “Personal Information Protection Regulations” for the handling of personal information, and adhere to it. (3) We regularly checks to see if personal information is properly handled. If any issues are found, we take appropriate actions to remedy the situation.

3. Handling of personal information
We handle personal information as described below, except as otherwise permitted by law:
(1)Improvement of the internal organization
A person is assigned as an administrator for each piece of personal information to ensure that it is managed properly.

(2)Acquisition of personal information
We reveal the purpose for which personal information will be used in advance and acquire it in an appropriate manner.

(3)Use of personal information
We are strongly aware of the importance of protecting personal information in the use of it, and the use of personal information will be within the scope of the intended purpose.

(4)Appropriate management of personal information
We take necessary security actions to manage personal information.

(5)Respect for the rights of the individuals
We respect the rights of the individuals for their personal information, and respond to any request for disclosure/correction/suspense of use of their information for the reasonable period of time within the scope regulated by law.

(6)Continuous improvement of the handling of personal information
We continuously work for improvement of the handling of personal information.

4. Contact point for inquires about our privacy policy
If you have any questions on our privacy policy, please contact us (see the contact information below).

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